Classic & Agricultural

Specialists in classic vehicles restoration and repair for over 10 years in Kimpton, Hertfordshire

Village Vehicles have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge in the delicate craft of restoring and repairing all types of classic motor vehicles. I have worked on large agricultural projects to small personal classic cars.

Whatever your restoration needs get in touch today and we can discuss your requirements. The quality of my work is second to none and your vehicle will benefit from years of dedicated experience and professionalism.

Village Vehicles offers a wide range of classic vehicles restoration services some of which are as follows:

Expert Welding

Perhaps the biggest vice of the classic car is rust and I often work on vehicles who’s body work requires extensive repair and welding. This process is expertly carried out using professional tools and expert knowledge.


For those vehicles that have been kept stored away in barns and garages for long periods of time, a big problem can be the electricals. Damage to the delicate wiring systems and connections can be caused either by decay or event rodents. I have completed many complete re-wires of classic vehicles to get them back on the road where they belong.

These are just some of the classic vehicle restoration services Village Vehicles can provide. For more details or to discuss specific requirements please contact me.